An Interactive Game to Help Kids Love Reading!*TPC-logo%202%5B10751%5D*pdf?alt=media&token=19e16e66-0684-4922-9300-4a754aa80d38
The Purple Crystal interactive children’s game series is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids. It features a wide variety of creatures, quests, puzzles, and games that will challenge all ages. Plus it's a great way to get kids off their devices!

Your child will be transported to a new world as soon as they open the first page. They will go on amazing adventures and meet fascinating creatures. This is an interactive children’s series that can be read and played with a parent and child together.

The Purple Crystal is the solution to the never ending battle of getting your kids to stop watching too much TV and being glued to their electronic screens playing games. A parent and child can read together and go on amazing adventures gaining items, spells, and abilities. Battle creatures together, solve puzzles, and go on quests. Your character in the game will find pets such as baby dragons and other mystical creatures to help you on your quests. 

The game is interactive so your decisions affect the outcome of the story! Your child has the decision to how they want their character to grow and develop in the game. Focus on gaining more spells and magic items and become a powerful wizard. Focus on developing your sword fighting skills and abilities and become a mighty warrior. Its all up to your child as they read and go through the game with you!
Enjoy time with your children and help them start enjoying reading. For the price of the latest kids video game get hours of interaction and fun with The Purple Crystal!*0AE5CE00-A223-4CB7-8869-20E88A799ED5*jpeg?alt=media&token=045df26e-7755-4dbb-a0bb-829f6404301f*1A8649B9-C7FF-41DE-9BB9-9AFA5CEC622B*jpeg?alt=media&token=05a81121-8706-468b-a440-d39b2b7e0c2e

Everything Needed to Start Adventuring! 

Book 1 in The Purple Crystal Adventure Series
Book 1 Game Pages
2 Game Binders with Dice and Pencil 
Game Envelopes 
Treasure Cards 
Weapon, Armor, and Item Cards 
Skill and Ability Cards 
Magic Item, Spells, and Scroll Cards 

Easy to Learn Step by Step Instructions of Game Play

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